FAQ Section

Regarding the foundation

Q: Why use a foundation?
A: The project is comissioned by a non-profit foundation to create publically available research about blockchain technology. This is to ensure that no funds are lost-in-translation and everything you donate goes towards the research project
Q: Where is the foundation?
A: The foundation is located in Frankfurt, Germany and registered in the local registry

Regarding the funding

Q: Where can I find more information about BTRI, the team and the research project?
A: Please refer to the website or the working paper for more information
Q: Why do you need funding?
A: We seek funding to be able to run our research projects with the objective to create publically available usescases for blockchain technology that make sense to use in real-economy applications

Regarding the project

Q: What kind of services does BTRI offer?
A: BTRI offers research services that have to do with blockchain technology. This may contain building prototypes as a proof-of-concept
Q: I’m interested to try out the technology
A: You will find a tutorial below how to play with the technology. Alternatively, you can use our sample app, BeerBlock, to get a feeling how easy and userfriendly blockchain can be
Q: What stage of development is the project in and what is the future roadmap?
A: The project and its research objectives are outlined in the working paper *
Q: What channel do you use for general communication?
A: You can sign up for the monthly email or follow us on Twitter sfkbtri
Q: Is there a bounty program?
A: Yes, we plan to implement a bounty program for several research questions. Please check the project site or sign up to the newsletter
Q: What geographic regions is this directed at?
A: The project is global as are blockchain technology applications. However, the foundation that is comissioning the research project is based in Germany and for regulatory sake participation in the funding is not allowed for US Persons

General Questions

Q: What other activities does the BTRI have?
A: Apart from working for the foundation, BTRI will also work directly for you as a think-tank and research facility if you have specific questions you want answered, just get in touch at info@btri.de