Welcome to the BTRI documentation!

About the project

The Blockchain Technology Research Institute is a project of the Foundation for Fair Capital Markets, which is based in Frankfurt, Germany and conducts research with the objective to make blockchain technology usable and secure in order to connect the real economy with this exciting technology. In this document you can find tutorials and instructions on how to participate through donating to the foundation or by commissioning individual research.


The foundation is currently seeking funding for BTRI’s Project No. 1 through donations.

The project will also generate one or more Apps on blockchain to illustrate research findings. The code repository will then be available under public licence and hosted on github.

Execution of Project No. 1

Scope and details for execution of Project No. 1 will be decided after the funding window has closed and we have visibility on the total amount donated. The projects outlined in the working paper are to be understood as indications for possible research and final execution will depend both on cast votes by the tokenholders and available funding. The management of the foundation and BTRI will jointly decide on the execution of the research projects.

However, there is a sample app to get an impression of what results can be produced with very limited funding already. The first working paper contains a detailed outline of principles and potential usecases that can be subject of BTRI’s research.